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Harry Potter [14 Jun 2004|01:08pm]
[ mood | crazy ]

Lots of things have occured in the last week. First I "worked" on my schools yearbook, in the summertime and no i dont understand why our yearbook is distributed in the beginning of the year. Anyway after missing the movie times last thursday, we finally got to go Friday. It was then once I got out the car I realized that I had a pink Hoodie, shoes like Hermione (which i noticed until during the final scenes of the movie.) and a long chain that had my pendent so it looked like a time-turner. I freakin looked like Hermione and some girl in the parking lot looked me up and down, like I was crazy. At least i was wearing more than her, for she had daisy dukes in 55 degree weather.

As soon as we sat down, my cousin, who comes up with the craziest things when we watch movuies, brought her wand and starting flashing light everywhere. She squeed as the logo came onto the screen. As the movie went to the Train scene with the dementor she said something like this to me.

Sopfia: Hey what if the Dementors came in and asked in a creepy voice, "Wheeere's Harrry Potteerrrrr?" and the kids are all like, "Oh, next cart over!" and the Dementor is like, "oh thanks!"

See what happens when we devour hot dogs two minutes into the film?

One thing that bothered me was that Malfoy turned into such a wimp! I kept turning to Sofia asking and asking, "What happened to him, what?!?!?!

Overall good movie!

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